Specializing in Attorney client testing on serious criminal allegations.


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Professional Polygraph Examinations Conducted in the Kansas City Area


The private polygraph office of KansasCityPolygraph.com is based in Lee's Summit, Missouri just minutes from Kansas City. Be assured all clients will receive courteous assistance during the polygraph examination. All clients will be treated with respect regardless of guilt or innocence by an experienced former local law enforcement officer/examiner.


At KansasCityPolygraph.com it is clearly understood that your reputation regarding honesty and integrity must be beyond reproach so you can be trusted completely. Also, that you'd rather not submit yourself to a polygraph examination. In this office you will get through the process as easily and confidentially as possible.


  • 30 Yr. member of the Missouri Polygraph Association & American Association of Police Polygraphists (a National Association)

  • Testing conducted for defense attorneys and prosecutors on serious criminal matters

  • In Custody Testing

  • Computerized Polygraph System

  • Offsite testing available  

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Professional Associations:

American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP)


Contact and Office Location:

Call: 816.739.9951

or email: Kcpolygraph@aol.com


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